Although we are not a charity organisation, we wish to use a portion of our profits to help individuals, organisations and charities in their respective endeavours to assist various cross sections of society.
Each season, a collection of original textile prints will be exclusively created from the graphic elements of the seven pillars of philanthropy for Les Bronson, to form signature prints of the brand.         

The signature prints will remain available through the current ready to wear collection and through the archive collections after the current season.  The pillars are divided into seven categories, being:   
1.Mind 2.Animal 3.Health 4.Society 5.LGBTQIA+ 6.Environment 7.Children.

         Through every signature printed garment purchased from Les Bronson, you may see the money raised on the individual pillar widget shown on the individual product page, philanthropy page and bottom of the home page.   

Thank you for your contribution and please look out for future stories detailing philanthropy milestones by Les Bronson.